A Jewish filmmaker questions the validity of being "born again"
goes searching for a relationship with Jesus.
What do you think he found?
Movie Poster by Taylor David

Movie Poster by Taylor David


—Last year, I went on a road trip looking for Jesus.  I was always amazed by my friends who claimed that they were “born again”.  I questioned the validity of their experience and assumed that maybe they were a little “off”.  To each his own, i thought.  But there was a small voice in my head that whispered to me, “maybe they are right”.  How could I possibly know if this relationship with God they admitted to having was valid or not?  How is something like this possible to verify?

With film crew in tow, I took off in a mobile home and drove through America’s bible belt with the question, “is it possible for me to have a relationship with Jesus?” even if at that time I did not believe in him.  I decided to give Jesus 40 days to reveal himself, mostly to challenge the saying “if you seek ye shall find.” (i think it went like that.)

Little did I know or could potentially fathom what was in store for me…

My neighborhood.  Discussions before I leave on my road trip

THE TEASER:  This is the intro to the film that I shot before I left on the journey.  It was used to build an audience and enlist people in my journey

LONG TRAILER:  This is a 10 minute insight into the journey that I went through.  The pace is an example of how the story will be told.  Its this long to give broadcasters and investors an idea of how the film will be.  You can watch the teaser to the film in the next post.

This is a sample scene. It was shot in the first week of filming when I was toying with the idea of going and had no idea what I was going to expect. I was speaking to people in my community that either had an experience with God or the opposite: did not really believe I would find something. Its interesting, knowing and believing what I believe now, the result of my journey, to look back at this character, (me) a total fish out of water that maybe has a small idea of what he is about to encounter. Its strange to talk of myself in the third person but watching me here, is truly like watching another person. Here Natalija and I are discussing love on the beach. Have you truly been loved?

Another sample scene and exercise of playing with the footage. Mikki is my friend and neighbor who was a bit of an accomplice in my somewhat debauchery of Venice life. He was worried about me going on the trip as he thought I was gonna stray… from him.

This was the first scene I shot of the film with my friend and associate, Andrew. We shot in our office an initial discussion about my impending journey and what it implied. Andrew, and the rest of my crew (and many around me) were the voices of reason (or though they believed) and tried to ground me enough that I didn’t get carried away. Although that was something I was never worried about.


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